We are breeding Podengo Portugues little Smooth Coat and Whippet. The name Befrica comes from the first three Podengos we got. It was Bella, Frida and Candy. It is the first two letters from the dogs' names that are put together for Befrica. 
We live in Raufoss, a small industrial place with about 8000 inhabitants in a detached house about 2.5 km from the center. 
We have the forest 5 minutes away with wonderful nature and beautiful hiking surroundings. 30 min by car we arrive at a great place where we can drop off our dogs in Skaugom Dog Park. Here there are about 80 acres of fenced area, where dogs can run free.
I have about 14 years of experience with dogs, It started in 2005 when we bought our first German Shepherd. Got three more later. Has had two German Shepherd litters, and one of those puppies later became Norwegian and Swedish winner. Has attended Cynology courses and exhibition courses. I have also had training responsibility for the show (rotation scheme) in Gjøvik Dog Club.

Podengo Portugues Small Smooth Coat and Whippet

Had intended to go for the acquisition of a smaller breed, and fell head over heels for Podengo portugues little straight-haired, this delightful breed. We got our first Podengo in 2012 and it was Bella. We were at the German Shepherd show in Nesbyen and Tor Harald Larsen brought a Podengo. Started, together with Tor, kennel Zappa in February 2013. Our own Kennel Befrica was registered and approved by the Norwegian Kennel Club (NKK) in February 2018.
As for the whippet, we have had good contact with a breeder of the whippet for several years. She has been running the whippet for 20 years and has a lot of experience. We wanted another breed and we liked the whippet's incredible personality, charisma and elegance so the choice was not so difficult. Then we bought Snoopy, a dark brindle bitch of almost 5 years who is the world's most wonderful whippet. We now own / out on co-ownership, 5 podengos and 3 whippets.

Most Important In Befrica's Breeding
The most important thing for us at Kennel Befrica is to breed individuals with a good mentality, use healthy animals in the breeding. Am very careful to check bloodlines and pedigree when I choose male dog. All our dogs should be family dogs and they are socialized with cats, other dogs and children.
I, Bent Evenrud, run the kennel together with my dear partner Bente Monika Bjerkeengen.
If you are interested in a puppy, you are most welcome to contact us, our contact information can be found under - Contact link under